Pihu jaiswal Wiki, Biography, Age, Details, Birthday, BF & Salary

In today's time, Tiktok has become a very popular app, everyone has started using it, today a lot of new people are coming from Tiktok as stars, people are sharing their talent by making videos.
Pihu jaiswal Wiki, Biography, Age, Details, Birthday, BF & Salary
Pihu jaiswal TikTok

   Between all these videos, another new girl is going viral on TikTok right now, which has made people all fans with their eyes along with videos and now everyone is liking its videos, yes I am talking I am about pihu jaiswal.
          Pihu Jaiswal is as famous with hir eyes and hir TikTok video, today I am going to provide you with all information about where she is living, what is the her date of birth, who is in hir family, etc. As well as for all their social media, I will give you to you, so let's start without any delay.

Pihu Jaiswal age

Pihu Jaiswal was born on 30 March 2003 and his present age is 16 years. This age is when I am writing this post, currently, 2019 is going on and I have told you the age of this time here, I will keep updating it even future.

Pihu jaiswal real name

Pihu Jaswal gets to see different names on  Instagram and TikTok ID. Pihu jaiswal name on the tick talk is Pihu Jaswal. On Instagram, he has written Vaishnavi Jaswal but the ID is different.

Pihu Jaiswal weight

Pihu Jaiswal weight is 49 kg. And she has a very cute looks.

Pihu Jaiswal height

Pihu Jaiswal measurement ( approx ) is 32-22-32. Amulya07 height is 5 feet 3 inches

Pihu Jaiswal TikTok

Piyush Jaiswal Tiktok id Name is  - @pihu_jaiswal_ 

Pihu jaiswal instagram

Pihu Jaiswal instagram id Name is - @little_pihu ΰ€Ήै ।

Pihu Jaiswal biography

Birthday 30/03/2003
Name Pihu jaiswal
City Jharkhand
Other Name Vaishnavi Jaiswal
Age 16

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Fact about Pihu jaiswal

  1. Pihu jaiswal does not smoke.
  2. Pihu jaiswal does not take alcohol.
  3. Pihu jaiswal was very famous in India.
  4. Pihu jaiswal has more than 4 Million fans in TikTok.

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